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Ministries: Services
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This team consists of Administrators and Counting Committee. They oversee the handling of administrative and financial duties, preparing new partnership packets and financial reporting.

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This team is committed to spreading the love of God throughout the communities of Harrisburg and surrounding areas. This is accomplished by focusing on 4 areas of evangelism: inviting family & friends, summer evangelism, community service outreach and one-on-one evangelism.

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This is the team charged with identifying ways to make KLCC a church that is welcoming and inviting creating a loving and memorable environment. They will oversee the Greeters, Ushers, Announcers, Reception Area and make sure all information is kept up to date and neatly placed on back table and on the information board in fellowship area.



This team has the responsibility of transforming our church into a place that is for the Master’s use.  Our worship house should reflect a true spirit of excellence.  Our atmosphere has set the tone at Kingdom Life Christian Center for living praise and worship and healing of body, soul and spirit. This team will also take care of the outside grounds, parking lot and technology.

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Youth Ministry

The youth ministry is designed to minister to 3 different age groups, in a safe and caring environment: 

“Kingdom Kids” (nursery) class is for children 1-5 years of age.

“Royal Ambassadors” (youth) class is for children 6-12 years of age.

“Young Diplomats” (teens) class is for teenagers 13-18 years of age.

Each class is designed to promote spiritual growth for every level of learning at every age.

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The purpose of the Follow Up team is to ensure that anyone that visits or joins Kingdom Life Christian Center is fully aware of all that KLCC has to offer and feels welcomed and cared for.

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This area of ministry is responsible for food preparation and overall dining experiences for special events and services, repass, receptions, and church fellowships.

Professional Sound Mixer


This area of ministry is responsible for the audio recording of worship services and special activities. They help set up and control microphone volumes, recording levels, audio mixes, amplifiers, equalizers, speakers, and other high-tech audio equipment to ensure quality presentation and recording of the gospel. Through this ministry, the congregation also enjoys slide and video presentations and the display of the songs slides during praise and worship.

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